Thursday, December 29, 2011

Late Burn for Bachmann

Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann was surprised Wednesday to learn that her campaign chairman is abandoning her camp – for the competition!

Kent Sorenson, Iowa State Senator and former campaign chairman for Bachmann, has officially endorsed Ron Paul just six days before the Iowa caucus.
Senator Sorenson, at a Ron Paul rally Wednesday

Sorenson even attended a Bachmann event in Indianola, just hours before announcing his new endorsement at a Paul rally.

Claiming to be at a turning point in the campaign process, Sorenson says “I thought it was my duty to come to his aid, just like he came to my aid during my Senate race”.  He further encouraged the crowd, saying “We’re going to take Ron Paul all the way to the White House.”

Sorenson was elected in 2010 to the state Senate due in part to support from Ron Paul and his heavy Iowa following. 

He declined to discuss the reasons for leaving the Bachmann campaign, focusing instead on the strengths of the Paul campaign.  Sorenson claims that he had been thinking about supporting Paul for a couple days, but hadn’t officially made his decision until Wednesday night.

He says that there is a clear top-tier race between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney, and that the Republican establishment is going to rise up against Paul. 

Sorenson says that we can vote for a frugal socialist (Romney), or someone who will support the Founding Fathers’ beliefs of what this country should be.

Bachmann, being choked out by her own pearl necklace.

An angry Bachmann claims that “Sorenson personally told me he was offered a large sum of money to go to work for the Paul campaign.”  She did not take questions, but continued to push her agenda for the January 3 Iowa caucus.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stupor Committee

The power given to the deficit superheroes of the 2011 Super Committee has been, well... anything short of ‘heroic’. 

In an attempt to cut the deficit by $1.2 trillion, the, six Republicans and six Democrats have talked in circles while the other 500 + members of the House and Senate sit idly by.

After watching several months of failed strategies aimed at reducing the nation’s $15 trillion debt, the United States Congress Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction has collapsed under the stress of partisan dissonance.

The effects of their failure to agree on a resolution may affect citizens in a myriad of ways, which include a potential payroll tax increase before 2012.

Political Analyst Fareed Zakaria predicted the Committee’s failure, stating “The Democrats are saying no cuts to entitlements. The Republicans are saying no taxes. That's great except we all know the only solution to our long-term debt problem is cuts in entitlements and new taxes”

Obama warns that taxes may go up as much as $1,000 for the average family, due in part to the failure of the Super Committee.

GOP candidate Mitt Romney criticized Obama, saying “Your policies have failed.  Far from bringing the crisis to an end, your policies have actively hindered economic recovery.”

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gingrich-Cain 2012?

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and prominent business mogul Herman Cain took part in a one-on-one debate Saturday night, discussing important topics like health reform, fraud and Social Security.

Gingrich and Cain were given 90 minutes to contest issues in greater detail than any previous debate. The difference in format allowed for deeper conversations that, rather than subjugating important topics, gave the candidates ample time to enlighten the public and take the focus off party infighting.

Political commentators have analyzed every aspect of syntax and mannerism to determine a champion. However, there was no bad blood between contenders as in previous Republican debates. The majority of the time was spent discussing legitimate topics and meaningful propositions with a clear level of respect between the two potential GOP nominees. The two assure their party that one can win without tearing the other down.

In all actuality, it seemed less like a debate and more like friendly banter. This time, there were no human punching bags or rehearsed attacks. There were no "gotcha" moments, and the civility kept a cultured and gracious climate. The two agreed on a myriad of subjects, highlighting their shared outlook and quite possibly strengthening the idea of a Gingrich/Cain 2012 ticket.

In the end, the idea that Gingrich is the smartest of the candidates persisted.

Republican pollster Frank Luntz affirmed the GOP tactic, saying "Gingrich will demonstrate why he's brilliant, and Cain will demonstrate why he's likable. And they won't try to score points off each other. They will score points off the president, which is what Republicans want them to do anyway."

The two took a moment to bash the media for their unjournalistic approach to partisanship, sabotage and misappropriation of priorities. This was, no doubt, a stab at how Hermain Cain's alleged sexual harrassment ordeal has been treated by the media.

With more important stories like Operation Fast and Furious, scandals like Solyndra, and all-time high deficits and unemplyment rates, the media is losing focus as to why Americans are scared.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Iran: A Punchline for Women's Rights

The United Nations elected Iran earlier in 2010 to a four-year term on the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).  The Commission, said to be "dedicated exclusively to gender equality and advancement of women" has become a punch-line for policies regarding women's rights.

The U.N. Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) is intended to be a central forum for international agendas that promote higher standards of living, and encourages respect for human rights and freedom around the globe.  However, Iran has a notorious reputation for oppressing women, as it is not uncommon for women to be buried up to their waist and stoned to death for crimes as miniscule as adultery.  

In Iran, women seeking equality have been charged with threatening national security.  Women are banned from certain areas of study in Universities, as the regime attempts to eradicate decades of progress and strife.  Private rights such as clothing, marital status, custody, inheritance, abortion and transportation are legal battles for women in Iran every day. 

The most recent U.N. assembly at the N.Y. headquarters practically did nothing to promote the goals that were bestowed upon the CSW when it was established in 1946, other than blame Israel for violating Palestinian women's rights.

Iran's election to this 'illustrious' position is indicative of the complete disregard for women's rights, and the misappropriation of priorities.  It's also a foreboding realization that the Islamic authority of the U.N. is overshadowing the very purpose of its establishment in an attempt to push their own agendas.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Viva La Drug War

Mexican President Felipe Calderon spoke Thursday at the U.N. General Assembly, stressing the need for greater cooperation from the United States in regards to the drug war terrorizing the streets of Mexico.

Calderon addressed the 66th session of the U.N. in New York, citing America's heavy consumption of illegal drugs as being partly responsible for the overwhelming violence that has escalated in recent months.

These sentiments came just days after an arson attack in Monterrey left 50 people dead.  While bodies are being dumped on roadsides, Calderon claims consumer nations like the U.S. are not doing enough to address the escalating violence, as it is gridlocked with Middle East conflicts.

Although the White House responded, condemning the attacks and committing to help fight the drug war, the ever-busy status of our nation is persistent with pressing, international agendas.  Calderon was assured that the historic level of cooperation with Mexico would endure "to protect the public health and safety of citizens on both sides of the border."

This drug war her persisted for nearly three years, resulting in the loss of over 17,000 lives.  Although the media is barely covering the situation, the drug war should be a primary concern for Americans, as borders have seen an influx of narcotics, weapons, and refugees.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Call of the Wyly

Charles Wyly, a Texas billionaire, megadoner, and philanthropist, died after a car accident in Colorado this weekend.  He and his brother Sam were fondly remembered as "the Wyly brothers", a wealthy duo that has donated millions to Republican causes and cultural projects around Texas.

Charles Wyly (left) and his brother Sam (right)

The Wyly brothers helped Dallas build their performing arts center with a massive $20 million contribution.  They have also prominently (but discreetly) donated to Republican causes, included millions to GOP candidates and causes for over four decades.

Charles, along with his brother, has founded several companies, including University Computing and the retail chain Michael's Stores, Inc.  Charles was also a former member of the White House Advisory Council for Management Improvement.

Charles, and his wife Dee
William Brewer III, Wyly's attorney, said in a statement to the Associated Press, "He is among the finest people I have ever known.  His contributions in civic leadership will forever be remembered."  Charles was 77.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Super Syrial

U.S. and French ambassadors traveled alongside hundreds of thousands of protesters in the streets of Hama, Syria.
Protestors in Hama clamoring for peace and reform.
The demonstrations, which have erupted throughout the cities and towns all over the nation, are unified in calling for an end of President Bashar Assad's regime.
Syrian Dictator Bashar Assad
Since the start of the revolt nearly 4 months ago, crowds continue to accumulate in size and amplify their disdain for the current state of the Government.  The central city of Hama has become a focal point for the protestors, and the Ambassadors' visit has only strengthened the community's resolve.

Not surprisingly, the Syrian Government condemned U.S. Ambassador Robert Ford, stating that the visit was unauthorized; whose purpose was deliberately inciting further conflict in the already unstable Arab nation.
U.S. Ambassador Robert Ford
Considering Syria's close ties with Iran, it is no surprise that tensions are capricious and irrational.
Victoria Nuland, U.S. State Department spokeswoman defended the activists in Syria, as well as the U.S. Ambassador, claiming that Ford "spent the day expressing our deep support for the right of the Syrian people to assemble peacefully and to express themselves."

Monday, June 27, 2011

Qadaffi At Large

Arrest warrants were issued Monday from the International Criminal Courts for Libyan leader Muammar Qadaffi, his son Seif, and his Intelligence Chief Abdullah al-Sanoussi. 

It has already been four months of violence and fighting between Qadaffi forces and rebel groups.  Meanwhile, prosecutors are adamant about finding and subduing the men as quickly as possible in order to protect civilians, stop the bloodshed and "to prevent them from covering up ongoing crimes".

The 3 men are charged with crimes against humanity;  including the killing, arrest, and incarceration of hundreds of innocent civilians during the first two weeks of the revolution.

Judge Sanji Monegeng of Botswana said there were ''reasonable grounds to believe'' the leader and his son are ''criminally responsible as indirect co-perpetrators'' for the oppression.

Before the warrants were announced, French President Nicolas Sarkozy recapitulated the urgency of Qadaffi to step down from power for the betterment and evolution of the country and its people.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy reaffirming Qadaffi to step down

The United Nations resolution comprised of France, Britain and the United States began bombarding Qadaffi's compound and forces with rocket strikes in an attempt to stop the murders of civilians and rebels on March 19.  Since then, a number of Arab allies have joined with NATO for the air campaign over Libya.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

NATO and Taliban

Two interesting news broadcasts were reported back to back.  One, an atrocity done in the name of peace - another, done with intentions of terror and mayhem.

In the first story, NATO claims that one of its airstrikes in Libya has taken the lives of innocent civilians.  In the not-war against Qadaffi, a NATO weapons system failure led to an errant airstrike that took the lives of nine civilians.  Two of the civilians were children.  Obviously, NATO says that it 'regrets the loss of innocent civilian lives'.

The second story was half way around the world, in Afghanistan.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for a car bomb that killed 3 innocent civilians near the edge of Kunduz City.  Eleven other civilians were wounded in the car bomb that was targeting a German military convoy.  Afghan President Hamid Karzai is still involved in peace talks with the Taliban, in attempts to quell the persistently unnecessary bloodshed.

The irony is that both stories have led to innocent people losing their lives.  One, NATO, is trying to help.  The other, the Taliban (which I feel have NO place in 'peace talks'), is intentionally trying to disrupt every facet of capitalist culture by killing their own people.  Different ideologies.  Same result.  Be it government intervention or radical, jihadist thoughts, innocent people are dying.  How do you fight broken ideologies?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wedding Massacre

The Central Criminal Court of Iraq is doing the world some justice.  Today, 15 alleged Al-Qaeda members were convicted guilty and sentenced to death for their horrific participation in a 2006 wedding party massacre. 

The attack, which led to the murder of over 70 people, is viewed as one of the most horrendous acts carried out by the Sunni-led militants during the insurgency.

The event, which was supposed to be a joyful and amicable experience, truly became a nightmare, as a roadside bomb forced the wedding guests off road and allowed the terrorists to begin their attack.  Kids were tied down with weights and thrown in the river to drown;  the bride - raped in front of her new husband, then cut across the chest and left to bleed to death.
Anti-terror unit checkpoint in Baghdad

All the men were executed with a bullet to the back of the head and flung into the water.

Even for Iraqi standards, the shocking events of this brutal massacre will haunt the region forever.   And despite the miniscule amount of solace that comes from the conviction of these 15 pieces of garbage, the world continues to shed innocent blood in a frugal attempt to coexist.

Iraqi women crying out for retribution against the murders
During a videotape confession, the defendants claim that their motives for the attack were that the groom was Shiite and the bride was Sunni.  What a waste.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kinzinger on Obama

Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger spoke today in the weekly GOP address, calling for a more job-focused government.   He is adamant about doing something different to encourage job growth in America.

Kinzinger reminded the Obama administration's promise that unemployment would go no higher than 8%.  However, America saw 9.1% earlier this month.  Kinzinger says that the goverment needs to reduce debt, simplify the tax code, and limit regulations.

He sees that private sector business are like revolving doors, and that small business receive too high taxes and too many government regulations.

He also says that Washington needs to pass free-trade agreements with Columbia, Panama and South Korea, while boosting domestic energy production.
Former National Guard and current Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger
Kinzinger seems like a straight arrow, and a bit of a bad-ass.  He saved a woman's life from getting stabbed to death, and was selected the Red Cross Hero of the Year.

Watch how he became a hero!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Yemen Enemies

The Yemeni Vice President spoke today about President Ali Abdullah, who was wounded in a rocket attack on his palace Friday.  He says the President will return in a few days from Saudi Arabia, where he is currently receiving medical treatment.

In the President's absence, the United States and Saudi Arabia are working towards a power transfer.  International authorities fear that after his 28-year rule, the President would incite more violence across the country upon his return.

The United States also fears that Al Qaeda could expoit the ensuing turmoil and plot more violent attacks.  The violence however, is already prevalent as Yemeni Government forces and opposing tribesmen have been clashing for weeks.
Saudi Prince Alwaleed (Groucho Marx) and Yemeni President Ali Abdullah (Ken Watanabe)

E.U. Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton said the President "knows perfectly well what he needs to do for his people", and let his country "move on".

"This is the end of oppression", a civilian shouts on the streets.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Death of "Dr. Death"

Dr. Jacob 'Jack' Kevorkian, most known for his patient-assisted suicides, died early on Friday due to kidney complications and pneumonia. 

Jack was well-known for many accomplishments and attributes.  He was an avid oil painter, composer and jazz musician.  He was a renowned pathologist, and a die-hard (pun intended) right-to-die activist.  The Michigan-born doctor claims to have helped over 130 people with assisted suicide.  His Thanatron ("death machine") allowed terminally ill individuals to press a button that would administer a fatal drug.

He is famously quoted as saying "dying is not a crime".

Kevorkian went on trial several times for his assisted suicides.  His practices incited prosecutors to filed murder charge against him, and he ultimately had his medicine license revoked.  In 1999, Kevorkian was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to a 10-25 year life sentence.  He served 8 of those years, and was released on parole in June of 2007.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Osama In My Backyard

Earlier today, Pakistan's Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani named several individuals that are being commissioned to investigate the circumstances behind the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden.

To assure no outside interference, Pakistan's Parliament demanded that an independent commission be issued rather than a military probe.  The panel's mandate includes establishing the full details around the former Al Qaeda leader's presence in Pakistan.

Surely, the most paramount concern will revolve around Osama's capacity to remain undetected for some time while residing so close to a major city.

A five-man panel, including a retired Pakistani General, will be led by a judge throughout the course of the investigation.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Goodluck, Nigeria

At least 14 people were killed by a series of bombings in Nigeria on Sunday.  The attacks, occurring in bars across the country, came just hours after the country's 14th president, Goodluck Jonathan, was sworn into office.
Upon taking office, President Jonathan cited electoral reform and anti-corruption as the spotlight of his administration, after coming into office under "very sad... circumstances."  Nigerian security agencies have launched investigations to help subdue the criminals and quell the unrest caused by the election decision. 

Nigeria is pseudo-segregated between the Southern Christians and the primarily northern Muslim.  President Jonathan is a southern Christian himself.  His victory in the election is seen as a disruption in the country's agreement, which alternates power between the Christians and Muslim parties every two terms.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Go to Hell" - Venezuela to U.S.

Earlier today, Venezuelan Oil Chief Rafael Ramirez had some interesting words to say to America.

"The imperialists (that's us) can go to hell.  Their sanctions mean nothing to us.  No one is going to impose this kind of action against us."

This was in response to 'sloppy' sanctions imposed on them in regards to its ties to Iran. 

Venezuela continues to strain our relationship with statements like 'We will no longer guarantee oil supplies to U.S.'  This, of course, is raising the United State's national security concerns.  It reminds me of 2008, when Hugo Chavez chanted in front of a roaring crowd of thousands  "Go to hell, Yankees.   Go to hell 100 times!" when describing Washington.  What a nice business partner.

Currently, 43% of Venezuelan oil is imported by the U.S., comprising 24% of U.S. foreign imported oil.  Though this would strain our nation's resources, I feel like Venezuela would ultimately suffer from this decision, economically. 

However, this should be yet another wake-up call for Americans.  There are a great variety of factors contributing to high gas prices - many of which are within our control.  So, if the people our country does business with doesn't like us, that is all the more reason to find our oil elsewhere... like, in our own backyard.

Monday, May 23, 2011

AIPAC Committee 2011

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke tonight at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Conference.

He began by immediately professing his alliance with America, specifically naming several congressmen and women.

"The people of Israel thank you...  for defending Israel's right to defend itself... as it secures peace..."  He assured the U.S. that "Israel is America's indespensible ally."

Surely, this is a relief to the people who were frustrated with Obama's comments earlier last week.

He discussed progressions in technology, naming Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and also addressed our planet's dependence on oil;  how it poisons the world and encourages terrorism.  He set forward a 10 year plan to cut his country's addiction to oil. 

Eventually, he got to the root of the discussion:  the unrest in the Middle East.  He stressed that "It's time to stop blaming Israel for all the region's problems."

"We want peace because we know the agony of war."  Peace between Palastine and Israel is only possible if Palastine can accept a Jewish state.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Alwaleed on Israel

Fox News Correspondant Neil Cavuto today held an interview with Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal.   He is a member of the Saudi royal family, and the nephew of Saudi King Abdullah.  His wealth has earned him the alias as the 'Arabian Warren Buffet'.

Lately, the media claims that President Obama has 'thrown Israel under the bus', with his speech yesterday.   In it, he claims that Israel's best chance for peace is to go back to the borders they had in 1967, which are  significantly smaller.  Not surprisingly, the Israeli Prime minister refuses to honor Obama's Mideast agenda.

Alwaleed, however, praised Obama's decision, calling it 'prudent' and claiming that Israel must abide by the President's road map.   He claims that much of the middle East conflict does not stem from the Israeli conflict, and that it is in fact the Egyptian people who threw Mubarak under the bus.   

Many people feel like America has turned its back on one of its most important allies, and have unleveled the playing field.   Some of the same people who claim they want peace are the very same who denounce Israel and desire it's eradication.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

America's Next Top President

As the freak show comes to a close, the Campaign begins to take focus.  The GOP primary is starting to take shape, as the potentials and hopefuls are vying for their spot in the 2012 Presidential race.

This weekend, two potential candidates, Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee, bowed out of the next 2012 edition of  'Who Wants to Be a President?'

Friday, May 13, 2011

Terrorism, Inc.

On Friday, May 6, two suicide bombers attacked a Pakistani paramilitary training camp.  Having killed 80 people in what is considered the 'first retaliation' for Osama's death, the Taliban affirm responsibility for this atrocious act.

As bedlams of issues and tension emerge from the east and west regarding Osama's death, the Taliban are still adamant about their jihad. 

In related news, the offspring of Osama Bin Laden are pursuing a lawsuit against America for the wrongful death of the World's formerly most wanted man.

Only Americans are capable of turning terrorism into a franchise.  Osama, the McDonald's of holy wars, was just the primary pariah in an entire civilization that is devoted to the downfall of American, sedentary lifestyle.  Now, there are tiny little franchise cockroaches of terror that most people would sooner disregard, and claim a faux victory in the name of America, than stomp out for good. 

As corny and cliché as it sounds, America's duty as the most free nation under the sun is to stamp out evil and promote freedom around the globe.  This is a full-time job.  We can't take a hiatus every time an insane, subversive revolutionary dies.  For every Osama that dies, there is another taking his place.  We are not at war with people, but with an insanely archaic ideology that is based off hatred, prejudice, and misogyny. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

UnCommon House Guests

A media event that was planned by First Lady Michelle Obama is precipitating into political outrage among many conservative news outlets.  Her event, a poetry reading that she is hosting from the White House, takes place Wednesday evening.  It sounds harmless enough.

However, one of her attending guests, a rapper named 'Common', is receiving a lot of publicity due to the nature of his songs, and the lyrics he uses.

Already, many media outlets are making a huge ordeal out of this.

Common, in an interview, talked about his support of the President.  He continued on to discuss his relationship with the controversial Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  The rapper claims that he, along with Obama,  has attended the Reverend's church since age 8, assuring that he only preaches about love and truth. 

Are entertainers who use violent imagery and impetuous, unfiltered lyrics be allowed to perform at the White House?  More importantly, are they appropriate role models?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sold Down the River

There have been 20 major flooding events in and around the lower Mississippi River
Residents in Memphis, Tennessee were encouraged to evacuate their homes immediately, due to more possible flooding.  The mighty Mississippi is creeping closer and closer toward the city, leaving residents to head for higher ground.  The record high, 48 feet,  is just a few inches shy of the devastating 1937 flood.

Currently, there are over 370 people staying in relief shelters, with over 1,300 homes having been evacuated. 

The creeping river is a "slow-moving disaster", as one red cross member describes it , inundating houses and farms with floodwater, causing millions in damage and profit loss.

One emergency management director states  "We have held back the Mississippi River...  We didn't beat it, but it didn't beat us"

Some residents, however, should look on the bright side:  the trip to the river just got shorter.  Sun tanning on the roof is pretty bourgeoisie, citizens can fish from the comfort of their couches, and cleaning the dishes just got super easy.

This poor little girl is probably looking for her puppy.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Republican Primary Debate: Round 1

Last night, FOX news hosted the National Republican Primary Debate from the Peace Center in Greenville, South Carolina. It featured five former Governors and Congressmen all vying for praise and notoriety, while introducing new, astute methodologies and opinions.

Surprisingly, some of the conservative, top-tier candidates were not in attendance, including: Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich.

Nevertheless, it was a chance for Americans to get a good look at presidential potentiality, complete with a fresh cast and contemporary ideas.

The FOX moderators questioned the potential candidates mostly about current events, including the circumstances preceding and following the demise of Osama Bin Laden. The national debt was an important topic of discussion, as was each individual's plan to balance the deficit and cut government spending.

Questionably, Pawlenty was last night's fan favorite, receiving the largest appraise for his statements.  He congratulated Obama on the killing of Bin Laden, but went on to criticize how the president has deferred the situation in Libya.  He then went on to describe his credentials, explaining his frequent visits overseas, parlaying his diplomatic candor. 

It's still very early, hence the extended absentees.  There is still a lot to discuss, and these potential candidates still have a long road ahead.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Post Mortem and Camera Shy

Is it Usama Bin Laden.  Or Osama?  It changes every couple of years.

Regardless, President Obama stated today that he will not release photos of the deceased high-profile terrorist.  The President saw no compelling reason for releasing the photo OR the videos, deciding that it would do more harm than good.

When asked about continued terrorist activities, the President's administration is persistent that it's imperative for parties to move forward in the peace process and negotiate a lasting relationship.