Monday, June 27, 2011

Qadaffi At Large

Arrest warrants were issued Monday from the International Criminal Courts for Libyan leader Muammar Qadaffi, his son Seif, and his Intelligence Chief Abdullah al-Sanoussi. 

It has already been four months of violence and fighting between Qadaffi forces and rebel groups.  Meanwhile, prosecutors are adamant about finding and subduing the men as quickly as possible in order to protect civilians, stop the bloodshed and "to prevent them from covering up ongoing crimes".

The 3 men are charged with crimes against humanity;  including the killing, arrest, and incarceration of hundreds of innocent civilians during the first two weeks of the revolution.

Judge Sanji Monegeng of Botswana said there were ''reasonable grounds to believe'' the leader and his son are ''criminally responsible as indirect co-perpetrators'' for the oppression.

Before the warrants were announced, French President Nicolas Sarkozy recapitulated the urgency of Qadaffi to step down from power for the betterment and evolution of the country and its people.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy reaffirming Qadaffi to step down

The United Nations resolution comprised of France, Britain and the United States began bombarding Qadaffi's compound and forces with rocket strikes in an attempt to stop the murders of civilians and rebels on March 19.  Since then, a number of Arab allies have joined with NATO for the air campaign over Libya.


  1. The sooner this ends the better :/

  2. hate to break it to you but nothing is going to change in libya
    even if they do detain and execute those SOB's someone just as bad will take power
    this is not the first time stuff like this happened in that part of the world

  3. yumm, baby food for the brain.

  4. Hope all this violence ends some day "/. Nice post

  5. eat lead, scud breath!