Sunday, June 19, 2011

NATO and Taliban

Two interesting news broadcasts were reported back to back.  One, an atrocity done in the name of peace - another, done with intentions of terror and mayhem.

In the first story, NATO claims that one of its airstrikes in Libya has taken the lives of innocent civilians.  In the not-war against Qadaffi, a NATO weapons system failure led to an errant airstrike that took the lives of nine civilians.  Two of the civilians were children.  Obviously, NATO says that it 'regrets the loss of innocent civilian lives'.

The second story was half way around the world, in Afghanistan.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for a car bomb that killed 3 innocent civilians near the edge of Kunduz City.  Eleven other civilians were wounded in the car bomb that was targeting a German military convoy.  Afghan President Hamid Karzai is still involved in peace talks with the Taliban, in attempts to quell the persistently unnecessary bloodshed.

The irony is that both stories have led to innocent people losing their lives.  One, NATO, is trying to help.  The other, the Taliban (which I feel have NO place in 'peace talks'), is intentionally trying to disrupt every facet of capitalist culture by killing their own people.  Different ideologies.  Same result.  Be it government intervention or radical, jihadist thoughts, innocent people are dying.  How do you fight broken ideologies?


  1. I just love all this bloodshed in the name of religion. Boggles the mind.

  2. We need to get out of this mess, if people want to blow themselves up there is no good reason for an american soldier to be within a 1000miles of them unless they are threating to hurt us.

  3. I can't fight broken ideologies on any level. But leave it to us to try and find a way.

  4. When's it going to stop. When is it going to stop. A few evil individuals are able to manipulate and cause the destruction of lives, both directly and inadvertently. I don't believe we as humans (at least not most of us) are naturally evil killing machines, but at this point we are letting ourselves be controlled by others and furthering the litany of violence and conflict in the world. When is it going to end?