Thursday, September 22, 2011

Viva La Drug War

Mexican President Felipe Calderon spoke Thursday at the U.N. General Assembly, stressing the need for greater cooperation from the United States in regards to the drug war terrorizing the streets of Mexico.

Calderon addressed the 66th session of the U.N. in New York, citing America's heavy consumption of illegal drugs as being partly responsible for the overwhelming violence that has escalated in recent months.

These sentiments came just days after an arson attack in Monterrey left 50 people dead.  While bodies are being dumped on roadsides, Calderon claims consumer nations like the U.S. are not doing enough to address the escalating violence, as it is gridlocked with Middle East conflicts.

Although the White House responded, condemning the attacks and committing to help fight the drug war, the ever-busy status of our nation is persistent with pressing, international agendas.  Calderon was assured that the historic level of cooperation with Mexico would endure "to protect the public health and safety of citizens on both sides of the border."

This drug war her persisted for nearly three years, resulting in the loss of over 17,000 lives.  Although the media is barely covering the situation, the drug war should be a primary concern for Americans, as borders have seen an influx of narcotics, weapons, and refugees.

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