Monday, August 8, 2011

Call of the Wyly

Charles Wyly, a Texas billionaire, megadoner, and philanthropist, died after a car accident in Colorado this weekend.  He and his brother Sam were fondly remembered as "the Wyly brothers", a wealthy duo that has donated millions to Republican causes and cultural projects around Texas.

Charles Wyly (left) and his brother Sam (right)

The Wyly brothers helped Dallas build their performing arts center with a massive $20 million contribution.  They have also prominently (but discreetly) donated to Republican causes, included millions to GOP candidates and causes for over four decades.

Charles, along with his brother, has founded several companies, including University Computing and the retail chain Michael's Stores, Inc.  Charles was also a former member of the White House Advisory Council for Management Improvement.

Charles, and his wife Dee
William Brewer III, Wyly's attorney, said in a statement to the Associated Press, "He is among the finest people I have ever known.  His contributions in civic leadership will forever be remembered."  Charles was 77.


  1. also a lot of accusations of insider trading around these two.

  2. that's a nice beard he has. only time i've ever seen a republican rock one of that sort since honest Abe