Monday, May 23, 2011

AIPAC Committee 2011

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke tonight at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Conference.

He began by immediately professing his alliance with America, specifically naming several congressmen and women.

"The people of Israel thank you...  for defending Israel's right to defend itself... as it secures peace..."  He assured the U.S. that "Israel is America's indespensible ally."

Surely, this is a relief to the people who were frustrated with Obama's comments earlier last week.

He discussed progressions in technology, naming Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and also addressed our planet's dependence on oil;  how it poisons the world and encourages terrorism.  He set forward a 10 year plan to cut his country's addiction to oil. 

Eventually, he got to the root of the discussion:  the unrest in the Middle East.  He stressed that "It's time to stop blaming Israel for all the region's problems."

"We want peace because we know the agony of war."  Peace between Palastine and Israel is only possible if Palastine can accept a Jewish state.


  1. What the fuck is going in the world?

  2. I have a few friends that went to that. College friends. Seems like they'll let anyone go.

  3. obama has been quite active recently

  4. He makes a valid point, seems everyone blames Israel for what is going on there...

  5. It seems like everyone is trying to say so many right things at once that they're digging themselves into a hole.