Friday, May 20, 2011

Alwaleed on Israel

Fox News Correspondant Neil Cavuto today held an interview with Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal.   He is a member of the Saudi royal family, and the nephew of Saudi King Abdullah.  His wealth has earned him the alias as the 'Arabian Warren Buffet'.

Lately, the media claims that President Obama has 'thrown Israel under the bus', with his speech yesterday.   In it, he claims that Israel's best chance for peace is to go back to the borders they had in 1967, which are  significantly smaller.  Not surprisingly, the Israeli Prime minister refuses to honor Obama's Mideast agenda.

Alwaleed, however, praised Obama's decision, calling it 'prudent' and claiming that Israel must abide by the President's road map.   He claims that much of the middle East conflict does not stem from the Israeli conflict, and that it is in fact the Egyptian people who threw Mubarak under the bus.   

Many people feel like America has turned its back on one of its most important allies, and have unleveled the playing field.   Some of the same people who claim they want peace are the very same who denounce Israel and desire it's eradication.


  1. i believe changing borders will not cause peace

  2. he's like 8 different people in one xD

  3. Its a different generation, different threat out there-- israel served a purpose, but that ended after the Cold war.

  4. He looks like an asshole. And he kinda walks, talks, and sounds like an asshole, too... Must be an asshole! =P