Tuesday, May 10, 2011

UnCommon House Guests

A media event that was planned by First Lady Michelle Obama is precipitating into political outrage among many conservative news outlets.  Her event, a poetry reading that she is hosting from the White House, takes place Wednesday evening.  It sounds harmless enough.

However, one of her attending guests, a rapper named 'Common', is receiving a lot of publicity due to the nature of his songs, and the lyrics he uses.

Already, many media outlets are making a huge ordeal out of this.

Common, in an interview, talked about his support of the President.  He continued on to discuss his relationship with the controversial Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  The rapper claims that he, along with Obama,  has attended the Reverend's church since age 8, assuring that he only preaches about love and truth. 

Are entertainers who use violent imagery and impetuous, unfiltered lyrics be allowed to perform at the White House?  More importantly, are they appropriate role models?


  1. Hmm...interesting question. In my opinion, unless he is using that kind of profane language inside the White House, he shouldn't be chastised for the type of music he makes.

  2. Fox News 2010: Common's music is very positive and he is known as a conscious rapper.

    Fox News 2011: How dare the Obama's invite that vile rapper into the White House


  3. Common is actually a real good rapper. They could have chose worse.

  4. Definitely not an appropriate role model, but let them jam on in the white house anyway!

  5. Why would they worry about him being a bad role model? Look at all the people that are eating unhealthy, beating their wives and/or kids. The crimes that are committed each year and the violence in the streets. And they care about role models.
    Children always want to do the straight opposite of what their parents expect them to do, so if those rappers keep getting excluded from such events the youth will admire them even more.
    Let them perform the way they want to. I mean you are censoring the lyrics, but not their videos? How many people in the states are against sex before marriage and what do you guys have? The biggest porn industry in the whole wide world, so please stop talking about role models and such.

  6. I think of pretty much all the rappers Common might be one of the best role models. Better than the money/drugs/whores images that most portray

  7. @ ThirteenCats
    No, no, I think Kanye West is more appropriate.

  8. i dont think he should be able to perform

  9. thats uh... an interesting side by side lol