Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Helps Coordinate Campaign Strategy

The pull for Ohio is shaping up to be fundamental to Governor Romney's potential presidency.

Polls currently show a tie at 49 percent among voters. But, with a margin of error at over three percent, it's anybody's game.

Republican Sen. Rob Portman, on Fox News Sunday, said the energy, momentum and enthusiasm is on his side.

Obama campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter, said on ABC, "we feel pretty good about Ohio and think we're going to win it."

President Obama rescheduled his Orlando rally this weekend due to the latest trajectory of Hurricane Sandy.

Romney was also forced to cancel a rally in New Hampshire.

Both candidates have had to suspend campaign duties along the East coast, including fundraisers in New Jersey, Virginia and North Carolina - all anticipated to receive Sandy's wrath.

A CNN report shows Hurricane Sandy expected to make landfall near the Jersey shore the evening of Oct. 29.

In response, the New York City Stock Exchange, the Subway, the U.N. building and the Broadway Theatres have all closed in anticipation of the storm.

Written by: Justin Chandler Porter

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